The Amazing Ultra Thin Solar Paper Charger Ready To Amaze You

The Amazing Ultra Thin Solar Paper Charger Ready To Amaze You|

The Amazing Ultra Thin Solar Paper Charger Ready To Amaze You|

No more worries if you don’t have electricity at home and you badly need to charge your phone as with the massive advancement in the technology, a solar company has introduced a Solar Paper, charger for your electronic devices that relies on solar energy.

Developed by solar company YOLK, it is so thin and lightweight that you can slip it into a notebook

In the past, solar charging has gotten a bad reputation for being slow to charge devices but according to the creators of the Solar Paper, they claim that the device can charge an iPhone 6 in about 2.5 hours, which is actually too good.

The Solar Paper will be offered in different wattages, ranging from as low as 5W and will go up to 10W, with each panel basically consisting of 2.5W. It has also been designed to be water-resistant so taking it with you when you’re out hiking or camping shouldn’t be an issue as well.

If you need more power to charge a tablet, or to charge on a cloudy day, you can click new magnetic panels into place.

Solar paper can charge almost any device that recharges via USB, including, smartphones, tablets, walkie talkies, flashlights, portable game consoles, cameras, video cameras, and rechargeable batteries.

The company YOLK plans to deliver the Solar Papers in September of this year. You can get a 5W version which is what they recommend for charging smartphones for a pledge of $69.

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