5 Reasons Why Charcoal Is Best For Your Skin

5 Reasons Why Charcoal Is Best For Your Skin|PakistanTribe.com

5 Reasons Why Charcoal Is Best For Your Skin|PakistanTribe.comCharcoal is taking over skincare and its beauty benefits are being talked about everywhere. Traditionally used to treat wounds in India, it has been used as a beauty ingredient for clear and sparkling skin in Japan for ages.

Don’t use directly to skin, use scrubs, cleanser or masks made from charcoal.

Here are some elements which made it special.

It Fights Pollution:

This is the biggest USP of charcoal. If you live in a polluted city, it will take care of your skin like nothing else. Activated charcoal has the unique ability to draw out toxins from your skin. It basically acts as a magnet for toxins.

 It’s a Magnet for Dirt and Oil:

Just like toxins, dirt and oil also get attracted to charcoal. When you wash it off your face, the dirt and excess oil also leave your pores and exit your skin, leaving it absolutely clean and healthy.

It Removes Blackheads:

If blackheads are always shining bright on your nose, you need to get your hands on blackhead removal strips that have activated charcoal. It really pulls out those deep-seated blackheads. Getting rid of them will become super easy!

It’s a Fantastic Weekly Treatment:

Use a charcoal face mask every week for some excellent deep cleansing. Those of you with oily skin can even use it twice a week. If you have dry skin, apply the face pack and use a good moisturizer afterwards.

It Handles Acne Effectively:

Because of its detoxifying and deep cleansing properties, charcoal-based products help you deal with those nasty pimples. They keep your skin clean and clear out your pores to keep zits at bay.

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