5 Ways To Maintain Your Office Hygiene

5 Ways To Maintain Your Office Hygiene|PakistanTribe.com

5 Ways To Maintain Your Office Hygiene|PakistanTribe.comYou cleaned your dirty office, even with an old piece of paper, cloth and tissue but do you really think it will be good enough for your office?

Maintaining a clean working environment involves getting rid of the germs by preventing your work place from a host of illnesses. Today, we have for you a low-down of some tips for maintaining office hygiene. Here they are

Cleaning office work spaces

Viruses are breeding round the clock, especially when it comes to hard surfaces, like office desks, office floors and so on. Make sure your office administration staff routinely cleans door handles, countertops, keyboards and doorknobs with anti-bacterial solution to remove the germs.

Used an alcohol based sanitizer

Clean your hands every now and then by using hand sanitizers. This is because alcohol is a drying agent and kills all the viruses and bacteria’s immediately.

Avoid touch as much as possible

While working on your station you deposit a lot of dirt in your nails so avoid touching your face without having washed your hands first.

Office pantry manners

The office pantry is a very difficult place you can’t avoid it, but nor can you be friends with it. The best practice is to carry your own coffee and tea mugs and wash them at least twice a day

Ventilation and air-condition facilities at Office

It is imperative to ensure that there are fresh and clean air supplies in your office round the clock. Ensure that your office has a proper exhaust system in place as it helps in fighting the infectious airborne viruses, making sure that you are breathing clean and germ-free air.

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