Sukkur IBA Student’s Future; At The Verge Of Sympathy

Sukkur IBA Student’s Future; At The Verge Of Sympathy |

Sukkur IBA Student’s Future; At The Verge Of Sympathy | Pakistantribe.comThe Sukkur IBA, recognized as third best business school by HEC in 2015, recently announced the results of spring semester. The moment result was announced, smiling faces of victim students filled with tears, their sounds were dead, their emotions were lacerated and they had not a single word to speak against the cruelties. Everyone was shocked to get their dint of efforts ruined in a moment.

Briefing their views and news over social networks students wept over unfair checking of their copies from external checker. Soon after the final exams are held, copies of every student are sent to an external expert.

Few years back, the result was satisfactory and checking was comparatively justified. But since 2014 the externals had given a tough time to the students. Students in majority of ratio, are being graded F; for not maintaining 20 marks out of 40 in their final exams.

Students blamed all this to the shoulders of external, while some of students have also unfavorable comments regarding management of Sukkur IBA. As per their remarks, the management doesn’t want majority of students to get their degrees from Sukkur IBA. Management possessed a fear that the job ratio of students would decline, greater is the number of students; less the chances of jobs in the market.

So far the opinion of management of Sukkur IBA is concerned regarding the results of students and examination policies of Sukkur IBA, competitive authority of Sukkur IBA looked confident about the accuracy of results they have announced. Sukkur IBA is one of the best institutions of Pakistan where policies are standardized and entire process is transparent at every level. Sukkur IBA has maintained this reputation since its first year of inauguration, which is 2007.

Students have an adverse opinion. They have some privileges; accusing management to be unfair with their results. Let the door of unfairness with our grades and results be closed forever; students cried. The horrible results have caused our social life into brink of a psychological distress. On one hand the students are surviving under an environment where minute-to-semester strict policies are followed and on the other hand they are being provided nails in their feet. Students are given countless chances to provide evaluation about their subjects, but in their entire studies tenure, they are never asked to fill the evaluation form regarding examination procedure. If management is fair in their stance, then why the papers of students are sent outside the Sukkur IBA, Aren’t the faculty members of Sukkur IBA that much eligible to check the papers properly? If the external checking are valid, then what about those who get 95% marks internally and are awarded less than 50% scores by the external examiner? Such contrary happening are enough to advocate the ambiguous checking system.

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