Amir Khan: During Ramadan Fasting Is A Valuable Sacrifice

Amir Khan: During Ramadan Fasting Is A Valuable Sacrifice |

Amir Khan: During Ramadan Fasting Is A Valuable Sacrifice |PakistanTribe.comMANCHESTER – Fasting Muslims in the UK are surely being challenged at the instant due to hot weather. But we look how elite sportsman boxer Amir Khan cope up with training in the absence of food and water from dawn to dusk.

Which may turn out to be the biggest fight of his professional career.

Boxer Amir is broadly ventured to face triple welterweight undefeated world champion “Floyd Mayweather” in September.

The 28 year old maintains fasting while training claiming he would be in perfect condition for the fight.

He Said, “Ramazan ends on July 17 or July 18, that gives me enough time to finish Ramazan and then go into hard training.”

Amir also added, “I’m very confident, I think that fight could definitely happen I’m just waiting for that phone call. If I get the big fight with Floyd Mayweather, I’ll be more than ready for it and Ramazan is not going to make a difference”.

Amir accepts that it is extremely tough but it’s not really something sportsman should be doing but that’s a sacrifice you have to make when you are a Muslim.

British boxing trainer Adam Booth, who looked after former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Danny Williams said, “it is possible for Amir to fast and train at the same time.”

Danny Williams added, it’s definitely 100% possible for Amir Khan to fast during Ramazan and be ready to face Mayweather in the autumn.

Further, Rugby union sports nutritionist Matt Lovell believes fasting could prove beneficial to Amir.

Amir believes that his faith goes hand in hand with sports. As for fasting, he said he had been doing it since he was eight years old.

He thought its God that gives me strength. My faith drives me, gives me that motivation and that push.

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