Excessive Use Of Smartphone Kills Your Memory

Excessive Use Of Smartphone Kills Your Memory|PakistanTribe

Excessive Use Of Smartphone Kills Your Memory|PakistanTribeMOSCOW – Smartphone don’t make you smart or fashion icon. In fact a new survey says that excessive use of smartphones and internet is gradually killing your memory.

And develop a “Digital Amnesia” according to a survey report of “Kaspersky Lab” a global software security group.

Expertise advise that Android and ios phones are killing your memory and intellectual thinking.

According to Lab researchers most of users do not use their memory now a days and totally depend on search engine for quick answers instead of thinking and recalling information by using their memory.

The research conducted among the 1,000 who had been contacted, most were scared that they would may lose their smartphones.

Nearly 91 % of the people said that they use the Internet as an “online extension of their brain”. Half of them said the smartphone is their “memory bank”.

Most adults could not hardly remember phone numbers of friends and family members without the aid of their smartphone’s contact list.

It was found that people do not even tend to protect their information.

Kaspersky Lab’s research also added that “most of the people are not doing enough to protect their information online since only less than a third of the participants have any security precautions measures taken on their devices”.

However smartphones make our life easier and smarter but experts warn that their excessive use or frequent exposure to news updates and information can send our brains into “overdrive” and affects our neurons.

Expertise said that we are so much concerned about the impact of smartphone on children.

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