Brazilian Christian Invented Sin-Free Facebook

Brazilian Christian Invented Sin-Free Facebook|

Brazilian Christian Invented Sin-Free Facebook|PakistanTribe.comBRASILIA – In Brazil a group of Evangelical Christians has created a social network “Facegloria” as their own, which is a sin-free, version of Facebook and where swearing and erotic content is completely banned.

This social network was created last month and according to its inventors it has attracted more than 100, 00 members since then.

It was launched in Brazil by four web developers, the social network prohibits anything that violates “bibles principles.”

Brazil has the world’s largest Roman Catholic population.

Evangelical Christians create social network that claims to be ‘sin-free’ Facebook

According to the BBC, 600 swear words are prohibited on the site and instead of a “like” button, there’s an “Amen” button to show one’s appreciation of a post.

Similarly, homosexuality, violence and pornography are also outlawed on “Facegloria”.

Creator claims that it was created so that the like-minded religious people of Brazil “could talk about God, love, and spread his word”.

“Facegloria” is only available in the Portuguese language, but other languages and even a mobile app is planned for the future.

It’s developers said that “On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography. That’s why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word”

With more than a 100,000 members in less than a month, it is clear that the “sin-free” version of Facebook is gaining popularity in Brazil.

A lot of social networks emerged following Facebook’s success. While some gradually disappeared, others failed to even attract attention.

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