Shocking: Meet The Singing Cauliflowers

Shocking: Meet The Singing Cauliflowers|

Shocking: Meet The Singing Cauliflowers|

LONDON – Because of the warm temperature, cauliflowers are growing at a record rate as much as grown up to 3cm per day but only few people know that when it grows rapidly, the food item apparently emits a strange sound known as the “cauliflower creak”.

If you hear a loud spooky popping and creaking sound don’t worry, it’s probably just a cauliflower singing.

A combination of a cold early June and the current warm spell will cause the loudest cauliflower creak for 24 years.

Farmer David Simmons in Cornwall told about the phenomenon. He said other crops such as” cabbage” and “rhubarb” also create a similar sound.

Interestingly, the cauliflower vegetable sings its own harvest time this year, and its tune will be extra sweet. The farmer claims those who have never tried the white veggie before should give it a go after harvest.

Describing the noise he said “It’s a bit like Rice Krispies in a bowl. You pour milk in, hear it popping. It’s that sort of noise, when it’s very still in the morning.”

The increase in volume of the popping is being caused by the sudden pick up in temperatures, following a cold first half of June.

‘It is quite a strange phenomenon, because the crops grow so quickly when conditions are right,’ he said.

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