Your Selfie Can Tell Incredible Facts About Your Personality

Your Selfie Can Tell Incredible Facts About Your Personality|

Your Selfie Can Tell Incredible Facts About Your Personality|

Selfies are pictures you take of yourself. You might think it’s just a photo but the way we take a selfie can reveal a lot about our personality. The selfie culture has given rise to a whole new way of presenting yourself on the Internet. If we just talk about Instagram, a search for “selfie” results in over 230 million images.

The pose we make, the location we take the picture in, and even the angle from which we take them reveal aspects of our character, the researchers found.

From the expressive group selfies, love couple selfies to goofy selfies, anything goes in the egotistic selfie subculture that booms every aspect of your life, and giving strangers a look into you.

Couple Selfies:

A couple selfie is a good way of declaring your love for your partner.

Friend Selfies:

People who have an obsession for friend selfies tend to be more social and like to share joyous moments.

Girl’s Makeup Selfies:

This one’s for the girls only. Makeup selfies serve up a valid reason for beauty-conscious girls to pout and preen in front of the camera (and mirror) at the same time.

Filtered Selfies:

If you use filters before uploading every selfie to make your skin look smoother, your complexion fairer and your eyes bigger, you are point of being insecure about your appearance.

Goofy Selfies:

If you can’t keep a straight face in front of the phone camera, you have an ironic sense of humour, like practical jokes, clowning around and are generally the life of a party.

Group Selfies:

A love for group selfies implies that you are people-oriented. You are a team player and like to include those around in your paradise.

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