Study Reveals Working Mothers Raise Successful Daughters

Study Reveals Working Mothers Raise Successful Daughters|

Study Reveals Working Mothers Raise Successful Daughters|

BOSTON – Many of us have heard that when women try to balance a career and raising a child, one of those things ends up suffering for it and most of the time the kids lose out on if their mother works but the new study shows that what their kids gain.

Actually it shows that women can actually be successful in their careers and still be good, effective parents at the same time.

A new working paper by Kathleen McGinn and her colleagues for Harvard Business School purports that working mothers are more likely to raise successful daughters and caring, empathetic sons.

Analyzing data from two dozen countries, the researchers concluded that the daughters of employed mothers are 4.5% more likely to be employed themselves than are the daughters of stay-at-home mothers. While this number may seem small, it is statistically significant at the 99% level, meaning there is less than a 1% chance that such a result is due to chance.

Other findings in the report show men who are raised by working mothers made the same amount as money as those with stay-at-home moms and woman raised by mothers who worked away from home tended to spend more time with their children than those raised by mothers who stayed at home.

McGinn says that it didn’t matter how hard the mother was working; it was more about if you had a close female professional as a role model growing up.

She points out working parents often have unwarranted guilt when it comes to raising children when they are away from home.

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