Samsung To Double Lithium Ion Battery Capacity

Samsung To Double Lithium Ion Battery Capacity|

Samsung To Double Lithium Ion Battery Capacity|

SEOUL, KOREA – Smartphones amaze us with new breakthroughs almost every year but there seem to be not so much improvement in the most important component “battery”. Battery life is one of the biggest concerns for smartphone owners.

Samsung claims to be developing a new technology that can extend the life of a lithium-ion battery to double its current capacity on a single charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in smartphones and other such portable gadgets.

Samsung says it might have found the solution by replacing the graphite anode, the part through which energy enters the battery, with graphene-coated silicon to make batteries with an energy density as much as 1.8 times more than current batteries.

The new material graphene which is an excellent conductor and is plastered on top of common silicon coating without the formation of any silicon carbide. The idea is indeed similar to what several other research groups around the world are trying to accomplish using the same material but with a different implementation.

Samsung believes that the breakthrough will have big effect on mobile devices as well as the electric car industry as both of these industries direly require better battery technology.

However, the research is still ongoing and it’s fair to say we won’t be expecting double the battery life on the upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5. Industry experts believe it may take Samsung up to three years before its new lithium-ion batteries are ready for commercialization.

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