Saudi Cables Reveal Links Of Saudi Diplomats With Haqqani’s Son

Saudi Cables Reveal Links Of Saudi Diplomat With Haqqani’s Son|

Saudi Cables Reveal Links Of Saudi Diplomat With Haqqani’s Son|

ISLAMABAD- The Saudi diplomatic cables disclosed by an international journalist organization, Wiki Leaks, that Saudi embassy in Islamabad was in contact with the guerilla insurgent group, Haqqani Network and also facilitated the medical treatment of insurgent group’s leader.

The cables have provided an insight into the links between Saudi diplomats and Haqqani network in the past. These two are said to have an enduring relationship the roots of which are found in the days when CIA funded Jihad was going on in Afghanistan.

After the release of the cables, Saudi foreign Ministry maintained that the information in the leaked documents did not differ from what Saudi stance is, on foreign policy matters. Furthermore, Saudi foreign office showed concern over the public release in the statement issued.

Nevertheless, Saudi authorities have not recognized these cables as authentic and asked the Saudi citizens to ignore them.

As per the Wiki leaks, one of the cables being termed as confidential, have been signed by the former Saudi Ambassador, Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Saleh Al Ghadeer and it informs about a meeting held with son of the Haqqani network chief, Nasiruddin Haqqani. This meeting was between the ambassador and Nasiruddin who held the position of the chief financer of the Taliban linked militant group at that time. The meeting took place on February 15th, 2012.

In the meeting, Nasirrudin requested for his father’s treatment to be facilitated at a Saudi hospital, the request was made to King Abdul Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

Not only this, but as the Saudi cables tell, the chief of Haqqani Network, Jalaluddin Haqqani had Saudi passport since the days of Afghan Jihad. However, no cables have been released regarding whether the Network chief went for the treatment.

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