10 Air Travel Secrets That Will Make Your Flight Happier And Safe

10 Air Travel Secrets That Will Make Your Flight Happier And Safe| PakistanTribe.com

10 Air Travel Secrets That Will Make Your Flight Happier And Safe| PakistanTribe.com

Whether you are taking a break from your hectic routine and boarding on for a recreation or embarking for some official meeting, you need a relaxing, soothing plane journey. You would consult a guide book or surf google if you could find anything good there.

Here are a few tips which you would not find in the sources mentioned above, but would help you a great deal in making your journey refreshing, not only yours but also your flight attendant’s.

Keep your luggage to where it belongs

Never let your carry sticking out of overhead bin, nor do stuff your luggage in the already crowded bin, it will be a mess for the flight attendant to keep your things at their place. It is also a matter of etiquette, if one really recognizes it.

Don’t react

Don’t react to unruly passengers, it would not do you any good. Cursing the ‘culprit’ or         jumping out of the plane is not a way to handle it. You can tackle the situation by being nice to him or her; saying like this would do the job, ‘I’ve been incredibly nice to you for three hours. Why are you treating me like this?’ this would het the other passengers on your side at least.

Don’t be ‘Captain Obvious’

Don’t ask questions like ‘is the sky blue’. If the flight attendant is asking you ‘cream and sugar’ while handing a cup of coffee then obviously she is not asking you your favorite color. Don’t respond with ‘What’ then.

Bring the necessary things you know you would need

If you are diabetic, bring syringes with you. If you have high blood pressure, keep medicines with you. If you have a baby with you, bring diapers. It is not supposed to be the job of flight attendants to arrange the diaper for your baby, or make announcement to ask for if anyone has a spare inhaler.

Be mindful regarding the people around you

Keep in mind that there are other people around you so don’t feel at home to the level that things get difficult for others. So do not clip your toenails while there are quite much people sitting around you.

Bring a pen with you

If you are traveling overseas, bring a pen with you as you would have to fill immigration forms. Flight attendant does not keep pens for 200 people.

Do not consider your attendant a pre-school teacher

Do not go to flight attendant taking complaints to her regarding other passengers. She is not your preschool teacher.

Wait for the food cart to pass if you want to go somewhere

Obviously it would be quite difficult to pass through when a 250-pound food cart is already passing down the aisle.

Say Hello and Goodbye To Your Attendant

Flight attendants say hello and goodbye around 300 times every time but receive only about 40 in return.

Look before you ask attendant something

Hold your breath when the attendants are running around with oxygen or first aid kits, it is not an appropriate time to ask for a blanket or a diet coke; it can wait.

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