Your Facebook Post Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are

Your Facebook Post Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are|

Your Facebook Post Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are|

LONDON- When you scroll through Facebook news feed you make certain opinions about the people who have posted different things from sad accounts of something bad happened to the pictures of a lavish recreation they just have enjoyed.

A study has revealed that it is not only you who is doing this, but in real a person’s Facebook posts tell a great deal about him or her.

A recent study published in the ‘Journal of Personality of Individual Differences’ considered the question of how an individual’s self-esteem, levels of narcissism and the Big Five personality traits i.e. neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and consciousness determine what the person is going to post.

The researchers also studied the purpose behind the posts, whether it was meant to be validated, to self-express, to communicate or share the information with others.

The study made certain categories of topics that people used to post on, like social activities and everyday life, intellectual thoughts, achievements, diet and exercise, children and how do the person feels about his or her partner.

Then tests were given to 555 Facebook (59% males and 41% females) users to know their levels of self-esteem and narcissism and determine their Big Personality traits. Questions such as how frequently they used Facebook, how many ‘likes’ they usually received and how may posts they used to give about the above mentioned categories in their Facebook status.

After analyzing the tests, it was found that people with less self-esteem update more statuses about their partner for the sake of self-expression. While people who are narcissistic are more likely to post their achievements for the sake of validation. They also post frequently about their diet and exercise though for self-expression.

Furthermore, the study revealed that extravert people post more often about social activities and everyday life for the sake of communication and connecting with others. While the neurotics use Facebook for the purpose of seeking attention which they lack offline.

People who are open to newness use Facebook to engage with intellectual discussions to share information. Whereas the people who are conscientious post more about their children for sharing information and communication perhaps for the sake of an indirect competitive parenting.

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