Device That Lets Blind People See By Their Tongue

Device That Lets Blind People See By Their Tongue|

Device That Lets Blind People See By Their Tongue|

LONDON – Nature has created eyes to see but now blind people will be able to see through their tongue and for this purpose an American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved a device that helps blind people see with their tongue.

Scientists named this device “Brain Port V 100”. A small video camera mounted on a pair of glasses along with a mouth piece comprising almost 400 electrodes. It saves video data first and then transforms the images into electrical signals, that are sent to electrodes and then the impulses are felt on tongue as vibrations.

This device also helps people who are blind by birth. By rubbing the device on tongue, it emits bubble patterns or stimulation on their tongue. The user can interpret these sensations to see the size, shape, movement or direction of the object.

A British blind man climbs the mountain with the help of this device has a practical demonstration that proves the utility of this invention.

It is pertinent to mention here that this invention is also helpful for people who are blind by birth but it requires special training and practice although this device is not commercially available but it will cost around $10,000.00(USD).


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