Some Dos And Don’ts With Empty Stomach

Some Dos And Don'ts With Empty Stomach|

Some Dos And Don'ts With Empty Stomach| PakistanhTribe.comAn empty stomach teaches thousand of lessons but some new studies teach something different about empty stomachs. Have a look on it.

There are some dos and do not’ s which you need to keep in mind when you have empty stomach.


Take tough decisions

With empty stomach people are more likely to make smart choices.

Dutch research found: “Study participants who fasted before taking a series of tests made winning choices 50 percent of the time, compared with only 40 percent of the time for folks who ate a meal beforehand.”

Get Intimate

Cozying up after date night—if it includes a free meal—might be the exact wrong time.

Do not’s

Don’t go for shopping with empty stomach

In a recent study, researchers looked at the receipts of 81 people departing a department store; the customers also rated their hunger and mood. Those who were hungrier than average spend 64 percent more money than those who were less hungry, even after researchers accounted for such factors as mood and time spent shopping.

Research revealed that “If consumers go shopping on an empty stomach, they might spend more than they intend to—so better to feed themselves before they go out.”

Don’t fight with your partner

If you are hungry, don’t mess with your partner. Eat something before leashing out and then start the argument.

Research of Dr. Oz’s magazine. “Our brain is fueled by calories, including the prefrontal cortex that controls reasoning and emotional control. The brain uses about 25 percent of calories we take in”.

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