Top 5 Ramadan Deals in Karachi

Top 5 Ramadan Deals in Karachi | PakistanTribe.comRamadan is the best time for food deals! Restaurants usually offer all you can eat packages to maximize their customer’s experience. Below is a list of top 5 Iftar deals we think you should check out in Karachi in case you are in no mood to spend 1000’s of Rupees on feast by 5 star hotels in Karachi, Pakistan!

  1. Student Biryani is a national Biryani restaurant, founded in 1969 by Haji Mohammad Ali. This Ramadan, it will be serving its customers with the finest Biryani available in Pakistan, and is offering an amazing deal. For only Rs. 180/-you will receive a box of Biryani, two Khajoors, two pakorays, one samosa, one jalebi, one seasonal fruit and a free juice or water!4
  2. The world’s renowned architects and designers, worked diligently to construct Port Grand. Together, they built a modern facility, consisting of amazing cafes, stores for shopping and various forms of entertainment. This Ramadan, Port Grand has introduced a number of deals ranging between Rs. 499 and Rs. 2000/-
  3. Nando’sis an international company that arrived in Pakistan in 2001. The flavors of PERI~PERI have been celebrated throughout the country, leaving the customers craving more. This Ramadan, Nando’s have launched four deals, one for sehri and three for iftaar. The combinations consist of quarter chickens, hummus, garlic bread, peri bites, fries, rice, and soft drinks!
  4. Chatkharay Express was founded in 1995, and began their food journey by selling chaats and Pakistani food items. They are nationally famous for their dahi baray and chaat! This Ramadan, they have presented their guests with an iftari buffet, consisting of 18 items for only Rs. 690/- for adults, and Rs. 490/- for children.
  5. THYME & TARRAGON have had years of experience in catering special events, with a skilled staff that serves you with mouth-watering food. This Ramadan, for only Rs. 715/-, they are offering their customers a traditional iftari with fruit chaat, roof afza, and Khajoors, as well as a protein packed dinner providing you with a healthy and fulfilling meal.

If you are new to Karachi, then you must try these affordable Iftar deals. If you love Lahore food , then Karachi will not disappoint you either.

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