The Reason Why Teens Are So Aggressive And Moody

The Reason Why Teens Are So Agressive And Moody|

The Reason Why Teens Are So Agressive And Moody|

Are you the parent who is not happy with your teenager child as he remains cranky most of the time, or he or she shows so much tantrums that it is becoming intolerable for you? Then the most sincere recommendation which can be given to you is to remain calm and patient. It is not your kid’s fault at all that he is or she is behaving like this. You need to understand this.

You must know the fact that the secret to this behavior lies in their brain chemistry. A research conducted by a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania neurology department, Dr. Frances Jensen who is also a mother of two teenage boys has revealed that adolescence is the “second critical period of development” after early childhood.

As per the details, the brain develops until the mid-20s and implicates the young adults’ emotional lives and their decision making ability. This is the reason they are moody and impulsive.

According to the study, scientists have got to know that brain is the last organ to get mature and it does not hit maturity during puberty. So for teens it is the construction period of their brain and thus they can turn very reckless sometimes.

In the teen’s brain, the frontal lobes which handle the executive functioning, decision making, empathy, judgment, insight and impulse control, is the last area of the brain to develop. Furthermore, the lymbic system, the emotional area of the brain develops ahead of the frontal lobes. This fact gives the answer to question why teens are over emotional.

According to Dr. Jensen parents should leave their teens on their own as they are at a learning stage and they must learn by themselves what should be done and what should not be done. Theoretical knowledge would not help them in practical life.

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