Easy Tips To Develop Early Reading Habits Of Kids

Easy Tips To Develop Early Reading Habits Of Kids| PakistanTribe.com

Easy Tips To Develop Early Reading Habits Of Kids| PakistanTribe.comEvery parents want their kid to be a mindful person and developing good reading habit is first step opening up the mind of a kid and pavement of the path of mindfulness.

Here we will tell you five easy techniques to develop reading habit of your kid.

Illustration based questions should be asked by parents

Children aging between 16 to 24 months are up for increasing their vocabulary than any other age, Morrison says.

The first and easiest words to learn and label from book illustrations are nouns like “dog” and “tree”, she says.

While seeing a picture of dog, ask your toddler such questions as “Do you see the dog?”

This will add more nouns in the vocabulary of kids.

While reading, cuddle your child in your arms

To make an association of reading with the feeling of closeness and comfort ability, cuddle your child in your arms while reading.

This will help your child out to become more confident and reading it out loud in the class.

Relate the stories with real life

When telling a story to your kid, relate it with the real life, for instance if you are telling a story of a girl who is in grocery story, remind your child the time when you took him/her to grocery store.

Relate the story of book with the experience of kid. It will help him/her to memorize the words and events.

Don’t be afraid to imitate voices or make silly sounds

Wham! Bang! Mooo! These sounds may feel embarrassing to produce but your child needs to hear them. By hearing these sounds, the literacy skills and recognition of phonemes will be developed in your child.

Follow your child’s mood

If you force your child to sit still and read, he will consider reading as punishment. Try to go with the flow of your child.

When he loses interest let him take a round of room and come back according to his own will.

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