Divorce Does Not Harm Your Long Term Health: Study Reveals

Divorce Does Not Harm Your Long Term Health: Study Reveals| PakistanTribe.com

Divorce Does Not Harm Your Long Term Health: Study Reveals| PakistanTribe.com

LONDON- You must have heard the notion suggesting that ‘breakups’ can have a negative impact on your health so many times that it may seem a part of common sense to you. But recently researchers have found that the negative impact of the break up or a divorce is temporary, it does not have any long term effect on your health.

According to the study conducted by researchers of University College London institute of education, London school of Economics and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, people who have been through some emotional split are just as healthy as the couple who are into a stable marriage.

The study proclaims that the emotional disturbance arose out of divorce and then remarriage is not as bad for health as it is generally believed to be. As the lead author of the research, Dr. George Ploubidis who is a population health scientist at the institute of education says, “I think the results we found are very interesting. We expected that when you have a lot of transitions in life, you have worse health but actually transitions such as separation and divorce do not have a long-term effect.”

Findings of the study further reveal that many of the divorces analyzed by the study had started a new relation and seemed quite happy. So Dr. Ploubidis says, “Rather than focusing solely on relationship status, we also know that relationship quality is a hugely important factor here”.

“For example, previous research suggests that individuals in poor-quality couple relationships have worse health than those in happier ones and those who are unhappily married are at greater risk of poor health than divorced people,” he adds further.

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