Do You Know: Risky Play Is Good For Your Kid

Do You Know: Risky Play Is Good For Your Kid|

Do You Know: Risky Play Is Good For Your Kid|

LONDON-“Watch Out, you will fall down with that” is the sentence many of had got tired to hear in our childhood. Are you the kind of mom hovering 24/7 on your kid so that he or she does not fall down or stumble? Are you the one who always shouting and teaching you kids, ‘constant vigilance’. Do you forbid them to jump, skip and flip over? 

If so, then you should read this.

It is good to prevent your child from suffering from any injury or other unfortunate situation so, you have to be on your kid’s guard. But a recent research published in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health tells something the other way round.

The research has revealed that children need risky play which refers to the climbing and jumping from height, unsupervised play cycling fast down a hill, playing with knives or playing near water or cliffs. In the nutshell, exactly the things you are reluctant to let your child do.

The research claims that kids doing the above things would improve their reaction time in identifying risk, enhance their self-esteem and these kids are less likely to take risks relating to sex and drugs when they enter adolescence. So, it would be good for them to be a dare devil in their childhood rather than being so when they grow up.

The research, knowing the worries of a typical mother tells that serious risks from playground have largely been eliminated. But still the author of the research believes that there should be some element of surveillance but in a balanced way.

“Parents have to have a balanced view of this. Their child at home is 500 times more likely to meet a stranger – the internet has many cyberbullies. Children won’t develop resilience without getting a little hurt and getting back up again,” he says.

So, people it’s time to let your kids breath freely.

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