Pakistanis Advised To Get Machine-Readable Passports Immediately

Pakistanis Advised To Get Machine-Readable Passports Immediately|

Pakistanis Advised To Get Machine-Readable Passports Immediately|

WASHINGTON- The Pakistanis living abroad have been urged to get machine-readable passports as soon as possible, for the reason that hand-written passports are being terminated.

Government has sent the equipment and staff to Pakistani missions abroad to facilitate the Eight million Pakistanis in changing their passports.

On this behalf, the ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani launched the facility at Pakistan Embassy in Washington, United States.

Not only is the embassy facilitate the service, but the Pakistani consulates in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Huston are also issuing machine-readable passports. This facility would benefit around 1 million Pakistanis residing in United States.

Nov 24th, 2015 would be the last date for accepting hand-written passports after which only machine-readable passports would be operational.

“The world is moving from manual to computerized systems and the purpose is to facilitate safe travel of the people across their borders,” says the Minister in-charge of the Counsellor section, Sajid Bilal.

The Counsel General in Chicago, Faisal Tirmizi has told that computerized passports contain certain security features, which can identify a person from the biometric data.

“This is now a universal requirement according to the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization,” Mr. Bilal adds further.

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