Branded Bags In The Eyes Of Fashion Divas

Branded Bags In The Eyes Of Fashion Divas|

Branded Bags In The Eyes Of Fashion Divas| PakistanTribe.comLAHORE – Different accessories are considered as status symbol from ancient times, like strand of pearls was the crowning glory of fashion scene in the 1920s. Mink coat in 1950s and Since 1990s It bags had took the charge of being a status symbol.

Celebrities and working ladies use these bags to illustrate their aesthetic sense and power-dressing staple.

Here we will tell you the opinion of different divas of Pakistani Fashion industry about the usage of bags.

Former model Iffat Omar says that:

“I do judge people from their choice of bags and shoes. But choice, not brand … I invest in bags from time to time but it doesn’t matter what brand they are. I have to fall in love with the design.”

“What really bothers me about women in Lahore is that they’ve no sense of [differentiating between a] day, work and an evening bag. Lahore is going through its worse phase in fashion sense,” she laments.

Famous Model and TV actress Resham says that:

“I’m a slave to my luxury handbags. They give me access to socialise in high society and I feel as if I’m given a warmer welcome at a dinner party [when carrying one],” says the actress.

“If you step out of a Mercedes, you will be given a Mercedes Salam, if you step out of a Corolla, you will be given a Corolla Salam … So, if you carry a Chanel bag, you will be given a Chanel Salam,” she colloquially adds.

Actor- Model Ayesha Omer says that:

“Handbags are not a status symbol for me at all. I do, however, splurge on bags and shoes time-to-time,” she shares.

“Bags are a necessary accessory. I don’t care much about expensive brands, which don’t serve the purpose. They’ve got to look hip and classy.”

Atiqa Odho prefers local brands over international brands. She says:

“I love my Jafferjees handbags. I’ve been buying them for 20 years and am still a loyal customer,” she shares. “I prefer to spend on a good-quality local brand rather than foreign brands, as we should enjoy and support the local industry.”

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