Cats May Cause Schizophrenia

Cats May Cause Schizophrenia|

Cats May Cause Schizophrenia| PakistanTribe.comMARYLAND, UNITED STATES – Scientists revealed that there are such kind of germs present in cats which can cause schizophrenia.

A research published in an International Medical Journal revealed that the presence of Toxoplasma gondii parasites in cats can cause schizophrenia.

These parasites are present in cats’ intestine and can pass on to humans through any kind of contact with cat feces or if it’s accidently ingested.

Pregnant women and those with weaker immune system are more vulnerable to the infection.

Most people who are infected are unaware but others may develop flu-like symptoms like muscle aches and pains.

More severe infections can cause blindness and even death. T. gondii is not just exclusive to cats, it can also be found in unwashed fruit or vegetables, uncooked meat or contaminated water.

Researchers gathered the information about the hobbies and activities of two thousand and one twenty five families, and by analysis they came to know that 51% schizophrenic patients had cats as their pet in childhood.

One of the scientist researchers said that this tiny living being can be ingested during breathing and then can reach to the brain where it releases hormones which can cause schizophrenia.

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