Gang Rape Victim To Undergo Tiresome ‘Purification Ritual’

Gang Rape Victim To Undergo Tiresome ‘Purification Ritual’|

Gang Rape Victim To Undergo Tiresome ‘Purification Ritual’|

SURAT, INDIA- An Indian woman, whose name cannot be mentioned for legal reasons has been gang raped and impregnated as a result of this, will have to go through a ‘purification ritual’ to remain the part of her society.

The only condition in which her society would accept her is that she would go through an exhausting ritual which is conducted to ‘purify’ her. The ritual is ordered by her community’s local courts and only has to be undertaken by the females in rape or infidelity cases.

The ritual entails a test basically in which a tantric, who is a priest basically practicing black magic and believing in supernatural powers asks the victim various questions regarding the incident. The transparency of her responses is to be determined by the number of Barley seeds.

She will be asked whether the number of seeds in the priest’s hand is even or odd. If she gives the right answer, she will be telling the truth and if she cannot give the right answer it will mean that she has been telling lies.

In return for this, she will have to carry a 10-kg stone on her head while giving answers to the same questions asked previously. This process continues for until the priest is satisfied that she has told the truth finally.

If the lady passes the test and is purified, then she is accepted by her family and if not then she will have to leave the community.

It is pertinent to mention here that this ritual is particular to the villages of Gujrat’s Devipujak community to which the lady belongs and there has been no investigation or reaction from police against such orders till now.

As per the details, the 23-year-old lady who has to undertake this process is a mother of two kids and had been living in Surat with her husband soundly. In July 2014, she was kidnapped and was gang raped by more than five men for numerous months.

She is now near to full term pregnancy and it is worth mentioning here that her petition for abortion was rejected by the Gujarat High Court on the ground that she was having advanced pregnancy at that time.

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