World’s Top Travel Apps

World’s Top Travel Apps|

World’s Top Travel Apps|

People tend to feel anxious when making travel plans, because traveling requires a lot of planning. From affordable accommodation to flight schedules and planning the itinerary on your vacation – everything needs to be tackled before boarding the plane.

We at Jovago, have come up with what we think are the best travel apps, some of them are not free to use though, but still are really good!

1. Localeur:

World’s Top Travel Apps|

Localeur is more than just a guidebook. This app is designed to focus on the local experiences, adventures and travel recommendations by those who have visited the areas. People may share their information by creating a profile and then posting their pictures and interests.

2. TouristEye:

World’s Top Travel Apps|

If you have to quickly plan your trip TouristEye is the right app for you. TouristEye was released in 2010, by a group of entrepreneurs in Spain. The app aggregated data from multiple sources to build profiles of landmarks and things to see in locations around the world.

3. Flight Track:

World’s Top Travel Apps|

Flight track allows you to follow the path of different flights. The tracking happens to be at a zoomable map, with detailed information of arrival and departure and you can even receive insights about flight cancellations and delays.

4. Packing Pro:

World’s Top Travel Apps|

Packing is not about just dumping your clothes and shoes into a suitcase. Thanks to the innovative Packing pro, now we have the perfect packing guide. All you have to do is type in your destination and stay specifications and the app will give you a suggestion list about things to pack. Packing pro will make you learn and takes care from you most important essentials to your expensive gadgets.

5. Waze:

World’s Top Travel Apps|

Getting lost in a big city is another thing to worry about when traveling. At Waze GPS navigation you just have to tap in your destination and leave the rest to the app. It comes up with traffic reports to make sure you’re offered the quickest route for the current road conditions.

Download these amazing apps and make your life easier. With these innovative and quirky apps, you’ll find world a totally different place! So browse, chose your pick and get the globe-trotting! With these apps one can always find quick answers to queries like what are the options for accommodation near Karachi airport.

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