Islamabad Meets Petrol Shortage

Islamabad Meets Petrol Shortage|

Islamabad Meets Petrol Shortage|

ISLAMABAD- Commuters in the capital city of Islamabad are facing difficulties due to the sudden fuel shortage occurred at majority fuel stations, reported.

According to the correspondent of PakistanTribe, (PT) citizens are travelling long distances from pump to pump trying to find petrol but all their attempts are going in vain.

Majority petrol pumps in the twin cities have suspended fuel supply, while the few functioning normally luckily have long queues outside.

The petroleum dealers told that rise in demand by the customers is the main reason behind the fuel shortage.

It is pertinent to mention that there has been an increase in the petrol prices by Rs.3.50 just a few days back. So in the face of the recent shortage and high demand, further price hike seems very likely to occur.


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