Poverty Saves Woman From Prison After Murder Charges

Poverty Saves Woman From Prison After Murder Charges| PakistanTribe.com

Poverty Saves Woman From Prison After Murder Charges| PakistanTribe.comTbilisi, Georgia- A 23 year old woman of Georgia, named Kenlissia Jones was charged for malice murder after taking abortion pills which terminated her pregnancy.

Ms. Jones who is the mother of a young son, took Cytotec, when she had been pregnant for over five months.

Cytotec is sometimes taken at the time of delivery to help induce labor because it causes the womb muscles to contract.

After taking the pill, she asked her neighbor to take her to hospital because she was suffering from severe pain.

And on way to hospital she delivered a 5 months old fetus that died after 30 minutes of birth in hospital.

Soon Jones was arrested, because Georgia’s law clearly states that abortion must be carried out with in first trimester with licensed facilities.

Jones’ brother told to media that she could not afford to get an abortion the legal way.

He said, “She felt like she didn’t have any money to get an abortion the legal way, and so as a result of not having money and being in a position of no resources, she ended up doing it the illegal way to not bring another child in the world … to not burden anyone else or burden herself.”

District Attorney Greg Edwards reviewed the case and charges including Malice murder, were dropped. If the charge was proven, she could have faced life time prison or death.

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