Ear: Door Of Heaven Which Can Give You Relief From Pain

Ear: Door Of Heaven Which Can Give You Relief From Pain| PakistanTribe.com

Ear: Door Of Heaven Which Can Give You Relief From Pain| PakistanTribe.comBEIJING – In books of classic Chinese medication ear is described as door to heaven.

In classic Chinese medication system, several techniques are described on which, modern science is still researching.

Chinese specialists of medication, believe that there are some pressure points in human body and if one exercises different massage techniques on those point, he/she can keep whole body healthy.

The classic Chinese system of medication is called acupuncture. In this technique of medication, pressure points of the body are massaged to get relief of pain.

One of those pressure points is situated in the middle of the ear.

Classic Chinese named that point ‘Shenmen’, door of heaven. It is located in the middle of upper side of ear.

Now question arises, what are the traits that point possesses so called as door of heaven?

Dr. Sandomierski gives answer to this question by stating that, massaging at this point one can provide relief from psychological stress, tension, acidity and addiction.

According to him, whenever we are under pressure we meet with dissatisfaction and restlessness.

Resultantly, slowly and gradually we start feeling pressure and pain in our different parts of the body.

If you want to become a beneficiary of this medical technique, you first need to cleanse your mind from all negative thoughts.

Take a cotton bud and gently rub that specific point ‘Shenmen’ with cotton bud, exerting a little pressure.

Take a deep breath but while inhaling, look at left side and at the time of exhaling look at the right side.

Slowly you will feel yourself getting free from the pain.

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