Jurassic World Is Going To Set The Fire Today

Jurassic World Is Going To Set The Fire Today| PakistanTribe.com

Jurassic World Is Going To Set The Fire Today| PakistanTribe.comPARIS – Premier of most anticipated movie ‘Jurassic Park’ was held in Paris. Movie will hit the cinemas today.

 Name of the sequel of Jurassic park is ‘Jurassic World’ and response of the premier was very positive, people admired and appreciated the premier.

Jurassic World looks set to open with over $100 million at the domestic box office.

People have been waiting for the sequel after the first viewing of the movie in 1993.

People who have attended the premier in Paris have expressed a positive response about the movie and twitted in words:

If you are a diehard Jurassic Park fan, you are about to get some good news.

The cast of the movie Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Prat along with wife Anna Faris attended the massive, rainy red carpet, which took over the Hollywood and Highland Center.

Pratt plays a military man turned Velociraptor trainer while Howard stars as a business suit-clad executive for the park.

“My character is actually a very sort of new kind of character for the ‘Jurassic’ franchise. She’s corporate.Whereas before we had really only seen paleontologists and scientists.

So in the beginning she actually represents corporate greed. You kind of think in the first ten minutes ‘ok this one needs to be eaten by a dinosaur.’ But she goes through quite a transformation and change and ends up being quite heroic,” she said.

Jurassic World will be released today in United Kingdom and some other countries.

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