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Pakistani Stance Verified: Indian PM Disclosed New Dehli’s Brutality|

Pakistani Stance Verified: Indian PM Disclosed New Dehli’s Brutality|

In his recent visit to Bangladesh, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi vindicated Pakistan’s claims that India was responsible for the ‘fall of Dhaka’. He assented to the claims that it was the Indian conspiracy to divide Pakistan. According to him to establish Bangladesh was the desire of every Indian.

This is the first official stance which is quite different from the previous one always proclaimed by Indian administration. India never took responsibility for the war, negated any such claims and always termed its interference in the Bangladesh issue as ‘humanitarian intervention’.

But now it out rightly expressed the notion that Mukti Bahini, a Bengali guerilla force, the so called ‘Liberation Army’ was a child of RAW. He expressly said while receiving a ‘liberation’ war award on the behalf of former Indian Premier, Vajpayee, that India financed, trained and ran Mukti Bahini and he himself was involved in launching the rebel force, as he was the ‘pracharak’ at Jana Sangh and volunteered his services to foster the rebel outfit.

Finally, India spoke the truth but the intriguing thing in this is the pride with which he confessed it. Keeping this aside, the important fact which has become official now is that India has been fueling the provincial tensions since 1970s. As India never admitted it, the world has never accepted it.

But the situation has met a turn now. India has made an official statement, so would it be ‘convenient’ now for the international community to pay heed to the issue. As Pakistan has always been claiming that India is behind the ethnic, linguistic and sectarian disputes in Pakistan. It has always imputed India for inciting hatred and rebellious attitude among Pakistanis.

The claims that India is behind the terrorist activities being conducted in Baluchistan, FATA, and other areas of Pakistan have never caught attention of the international community.

Only last year, the former Chief of Staff of Indian Army made a statement that India is involved in supporting the insurgents and the terrorists in Baluchistan, the support is not only financial, but logistic as well. But his statement could not arouse a response from the international community. There was again a deep silence on this issue.

So, would the recent confession by Prime Minister Modi prompt the international community response or it also will meet an absolute silence.

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