An Artificial Leg That Can Make You Feel

An Artificial Leg That Can Make You Feel |

An Artificial Leg That Can Make You Feel |

VIENNA-AUSTRIA- An artificial leg has been created by the scientists of Austria that enables the amputee to feel the surface beneath his foot.

The scientists have managed to make such leg for a former teacher, Wolfang Rangger who got his leg amputated in 2007 due to a blood clot caused by a stroke.

Professor at the University of Linz, Hubert Egger says that sensors are attached at the sole of artificial foot which stimulate nerves at the base of the leg.

He says further that, it has been the first time when a leg amputee has been attached a sensory enhanced prosthesis.

Mr. Rangger is quite happy with his new leg and exclaims, “It feels like I have a foot again. It’s like a second lease of life.”

“I no longer slip on ice and I can tell whether I walk on gravel, concrete, grass or sand. I can even feel small stones,” he says.

He can now run, cycle, and also do climbing. Another thing he mentions about the leg is that it has reduced the “phantom limb” pain.

Regarding the working of the leg, Professo.r Egger says, “The sensors tell the brain there is a foot and the wearer has the impression that it rolls off the ground when he walks.”

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