An Affair That Got Missed In Saudi-America Relations

An Affair That Got Missed In Saudi-America Relations|

An Affair That Got Missed In Saudi-America Relations|

RIYADH- There has been a mission which got missed by everyone, from the accomplished analysts who analyzed every progress regarding the Saudi Arabia relations with United States to the journalists who tracked every event regarding these relations.

It has come to the surface that six decades ago, when the US-Saudi relations were quite tensed, an act by US president brought them closer. The US president at that time, President Truman sent his personal physician to treat the ill king of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud.

As per the details, the US ambassador in Saudi Arabia sent an unusual request to the State Department in February 1950, which stated that, “HM has request our assistance in obtaining the immediate services of an outstanding specialist, who with an assistant could go to Saudi Arabia to examine and treat him for chronic osteoarthritis from which he is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and enfeebled.”

The King of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Abd al-Saud was named as “HM”.

The mission was kept secret as when the preparations were finalized, Saudi government sent a telegram which stressed, “Not to permit any news either press or radio concerning medical team coming here.”

Saudis had apprehensions that the trip would fuel the rumors that the king was seriously ill and was considering to abdicate, while he had no such plans. As for America, the purpose of keeping the mission secret was that although Saudi Arabia was a potential ally, this alliance was not much approved by the public in US.

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