Summers And Karachi – A Love Hate Affair

Summers And Karachi – A Love Hate Affair|

Summers And Karachi – A Love Hate Affair|

It’s that time of the year again when we have to stay indoors mostly, it’s the beginning of May and it feels like I can go out and fry an egg on the road. It’s time for Bermuda shorts, light cotton tops, flip flops and a lot of sunscreen. Our beloved city Karachi has always been the center of all sorts of heats, be it political, religious or the weather itself.

As the sun is showing us its warm summer love, we Karachiites tend to sweat our problems off and unify ourselves in activities like cursing the electric company for power outages or hitting the beach on the brighter side of things.

Most of the years we are busy preparing ourselves for different occasions like Eid or Ramzan, but I am a little unorthodox.  I would rather prepare for summers, to be able to survive the scorching heat and be able to do all the fun stuff (yes I have a life!). The arms and ammunition I normally require are based upon different techniques that I have developed through years of training and practice (Not really, I just google stuff or ask my mom).

Summer is the season when our best-est friend is sunscreen, not that I have an issue with turning two shades darker (I in no way endorse Zubaida Apa’s Gora Hoga Pakistan campaign) but trust me, the saying ‘once you go black you never go back’ isn’t going to help you out here much!

With this season comes another great madness, you know what I’m talking about, being bombarded with Lawn adverts and billboards, seems that’s the only thing on sale in Pakistan. However for men, it’s usually restricted to our usual modes of keeping cool. CHADDAs aka Bermuda or shorts are a man’s best friend in this season. I think we should all stop being selfish and care about others around us as well. Body odor is the root cause of most world wars (not really, it could be your colleague stealing your favorite food too). But on a different note, let’s learn to be kind to others by not putting them through the misery of sweat stench. Always put on a nice deodorant after taking a shower or a perfume, remember guys repetition is the key here!

Maybe it’s just me or the heat gets to my head and makes me reflect on life and dimensions like how does the kulfi wala keeps his kulfis cold during the scorching afternoons!! I also like to procrastinate (a LOT) and during my journey through time and knowledge I like to drink juices to gear myself up. The use of fresh juices and lassi can prove to be a heavenly breakthrough for a summer stricken affair. If you don’t believe me then just look at the line outside your very own Lassi shop or the juice wala. Oh that reminds me, I need to buy me a new fruit juicer this season…time to invest in a lean mean ‘Juice’ machine.

I seriously admire the people whose work or inventions have allowed us to be the lazy and comfortable. Air conditioners are truly a blessing in this season given the fact that it’s only the beginning of May and it’s getting so warm that clothes feel like a burden on your body. All thanks to the electric company being kind enough to not keep us in darkness, we can all enjoy being away from the sun during the peak afternoon hours and keep our cool in air conditioned indoors.

Talk about summers and you can’t miss the buzzing sound made by these noisy little creatures when you try to go to sleep at night. These blood sucking maniacs are on high alert during this weather and are on usually missions to not let us sleep at all. But all hail Dawlance for launching an air conditioner which has a built in mosquito repellent function which in my opinion is a very commendable and a genius move as it is the need of the hour to keep us cool and mosquito free during this season. I think the world is going to become a better place by such inventions (no disrespect to our mosquito readers).

It’s about time I stop my rants about summer and actually go out for a walk and maybe go to Dolmen Clifton and chill with a cold latte while gazing over the sunset as the fresh summer breeze runs through my hair (oh wait, here I go again – procrastinator 101). I feel truly blessed to be in Karachi in summers as no matter how ruthless the afternoons are, the evenings are always cool and breezy which makes me fall in love with my city all over again!

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