Ahmed Shehzad on way to be amongst ‘Best Pakistan Batsmen’

Ahmed Shehzad going to be among Best Pakistan BatsmenKARACHI: With his persistence performance on the creeze, former players are getting hopeful that Ahmed Shehzad could be on his way to join list of Pakistan’s best batsmen.

“If he shows discipline on the ground, then he could be one of the best Pakistani batsmen ever,” former coach Mohsin Hasan Khan said.

“He has all the skills to be a world class batsmen. All he has to do is to strengthen his defence as well as to develop patience to stay on the creeze,” he further said.

He said that Green shirts should not let Sri Lankan tigers to make the fifth match of the series as a ‘final match.’

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are facing each other in the fourth ODI of the series. The Green Shirts have so far won two matches while Asian Tigers have won only one match.

In case of victory of Pakistan, the series would be won by it leaving no room for Sri Lanka to make a comeback; however, if Sri Lanka wins then the fifth match of the series, being played at United Arab Emirates, will be like ‘final’ match for both the teams.

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