New Flavor Of Milo Meets Outcry In New Zealand

New Flavor Of Milo Meets Outcry In New Zealand |

New Flavor Of Milo Meets Outcry In New Zealand |

WELLINGTON, NEWZEALAND- Milo, a cocoa powder is very popular in New Zealand where it is usually had with hot milk, enjoys the status of staple in the country.

The parent company, Nestle has made slight changes in its recipe for New Zealand to make it healthier for the children but this lead to an uproar from the public.

Many say that now it tastes “yuck” and “horrible”. For more than 80 years, the kiwis are using Milo and remained content with it but the new flavor has made them unhappy.

Even they have started a Facebook petition, “Change Milo back to the old recipe” which has gained more than 5,500 supporters within a week.

The lady who started the petition, Taryn Ibell told the media that she gave Milo to her daughter to wean, who was premature and off being tube fed but now she would not drink it. “It’s just yuck. It’s gone from a nice chocolaty tasting drink into a very chemically tasting malt drink,” she says.

Many people say that they would not purchase the new recipe and would find a replacement.

The corporate and external relations manager for Nestle Oceania, Margaret Stuart told the media that the decision was based on research into the nutritional needs of children and Nestle would not change the recipe.

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