Mensa Highest Score 162 Attained By A 10 Year Old Boy

Mensa Highest Score 162 Attained By A 10 Year Old Boy|

Mensa Highest Score 162 Attained By A 10 Year Old Boy| PakistanTribe.comBLACKBURN, ENGLAND – Aahil Jouher, a ten year old boy, has gotten the highest possible score of 162 in a Mensa IQ test and has become one of the youngest people to achieve such a triumph.

The score puts him in the ‘1%’ who got the score.

Aahil Jouher, a kid from Blackburn, loves reading and wants to be a scientist in his future life.

His favourite subjects are math and science, and he loves to invent things in his free time, local media reported.

“I like inventing things, most of the time they go wrong. I’m building a small computer at the moment; let’s just say it’s a work in progress.”

After taking the test, he said that I felt I could have done it in a much better way.

“I could have done better”. “I was really quite surprised. I thought I was just like every other ordinary kid,”

Dr. Jouher Kallingal, Aahil’s father said he was not expecting that his son would perform so well, because after the test he said that it could have been done better.

“We decided to send him for the test when he was 10-and-a-half. When we got the results I rang Mensa to ask what it meant and they explained he had got the top score of 162”, Father said.

“When we found out the score, we just think it is absolutely wonderful.”

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