New Law Of Canada May Cause Loss Of Citizenship To Immigrants

New Law Of Canada May Cause Loos Of Citizenship To Immigrants|

New Law Of Canada May Cause Loos Of Citizenship To Immigrants| PakistanTribe.comCANADA – Dual citizenship may not be allowed in Canada anymore. The immigrants’ citizenship would have been taken away if they tried to maintain the status of two countries.

The Canadian government has justified two-tier citizenship system by saying it would counter the threat of ‘jihadi terrorism’.

The C-42 Bill could also be applicable against non-terrorists, for example, a journalist who is find guilty of a ‘terrorism offence’ in another country for reporting on human rights violation by the government.

This law allows to maintain the citizenship of Canada only to those who are born in Canada and don’t have nationality of any other country (and are not eligible to apply for another nationality).

Regardless of the crimes they may be suspect of, these first class citizens can never have their citizenship taken away.

Those Canadians who have any other nationality (and those who are eligible to obtain another nationality) now have second-class status, even if they were born in Canada.

They can be stripped of their citizenship under Bill C-24.

Currently, citizenship can be taken away on the basis of crime that are considered threat to Canada’s national security, like terrorism, espionage, or disloyalty to Canada, like treason.

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