Elite Facebook Has Been Introduced For Elite

Elite Facebook Has Been Introduced For Elite | PakistanTribe.com

Elite Facebook Has Been Introduced For Elite | PakistanTribe.comNEW YORK – A new Facebook has been introduced for ‘riches’ to maintain their status symbol.

If you are bored of Facebook because of ‘common’ users don’t worry, a new social media site has been introduced for elites.

All you have to do is, get the membership of this site for $ 9000, approximately PKR 900000.

If you think it’s too expensive, hold on, to maintain your membership on this elite site you have to pay $300 per year.

A person, named James Touchi Peters is founder of this elitist site, Netropoliton.

James says that elite of the world get irritated when common user of the Facebook does not understand their liking and disliking and their way of living.

This is because of unawareness of people about their lifestyle.

And when they discuss their activities and interests on social media people show negative response towards that.

According to the sites information page, Netropolitan is billing itself as “the world’s most exclusive online community,” one that will allow “affluent and accomplished individuals worldwide to socialize in a completely private and secure manner.”

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