Pakistani Director Jami Ready For “MOOR”

Pakistani Director Jami Ready For "MOOR"|

Pakistani Director Jami Ready For "MOOR"|

KARACHI – Audience of Pakistan will be able to see the cinematic love letter to the motherland on this Independence Day. Packed with action and drama, the film Moor is directed by Jamshed Mahmood (Jami). The word “Moor” is pronounced as “Mor” and used for mother and the “Land” in Pashto.

The film is Jami’s answer to “how we should handle ourselves in a Pakistan where a new drama unfolds every day.” The moor team shared this yesterday in a press meet in Karachi where the website was launched and the film’s latest trailer too.

Pakistani Director Jami Ready For "MOOR"|

No doubt, teasers reveal breathtaking graphics captured in the panoramic sights of Balochistan.

We’ll be watching a film that puts Balochistan on the big screen, a region with unparalleled cinematic value. “Wherever we placed the camera, the framing would be beautiful,” told Jami.

While asking why he made this film in Balochistan, he replied, “Issues in the train network are the worst there. The trains, which are the cheapest form of transport, were systematically shut down by corrupt people, which affected many, many lives. Balochistan thus mattered more.”

Abdul Qadir, who’s earned a Pride of Performance and a senior most actor from Quetta, summed it up nicely: “’Mor’ means mother. We can do so much for our mothers; our land is also like our mother, and we should do every good deed to make its name shine. Jami’s film is one such beautiful effort. I’m from a people who know how to live in the mountains, but I can’t swim. But Jami was able to make me do it. My fellow actors proved that they are no less than any other in the country.”

Jami and team decided to travel to Balochistan by train. “The 10-11 hour journey took us two days on a train that had no windows, no bathrooms and barely functioning lights. The engine broke down multiple times, and the diesel ran out just as many. And oh, we couldn’t stand near the door, because “rocket launcher kabhi bhi asakta hai”. We couldn’t have anticipated the serious issues that we saw,” he shared.

Surprisingly, the ‘Taliban’ cooperated and even emptied out their headquarters for them to shoot in. “Our crew included girls wearing Western clothes, and nobody cared,” he further added.

Moor stars Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Abdul Qadir, Shabbir Rana, Ayaz Samoo, Soniya Hussain as well as New York-based actor, Shaz Khan, in prominent roles.

The film is produced by Nadeem Mandviwalla, owner of the Atrium Cinemas while Strings has taken charge of the movie’s music.

Ayaz Samoo, a  stand-up comedian, was cast as a villain in the film in a role. “Somewhere along the line, Jami bhai decided that Moor needed a wacko, and cast me in the role. For more than a decade, I’ve been stamped as a funny guy, and Jami bhai is the only person to be able to ignore it,” he shared.

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