350 Years Old Cadaver Of Woman Found With Her Husband’s Heart

350 Years Old Cadaver Of Woman Found With Her Husband's Heart| PakistanTribe.com

350 Years Old Cadaver Of Woman Found With Her Husband's Heart| PakistanTribe.comRENNES, FRANCE – A 350 year old cadaver of a woman, has been discovered by French archeologists. The heart of woman’s husband was also preserved in the coffin of noblewoman.

The preserved corpse was discovered by an archeologist team in the north western city of Rennes.

Later on, a convention centre was built over the exhumed site. Earlier, it was a convent of Jacobins.

The 1.45 meter (five foot) cadaver is believed to be that of Louise de Quengo, wife of the powerful noble Toussaint Perrien, who died in 1656 at that time she was in her 60s.

Local media reported that mostly area of her skin, hair, internal organs and brain were still undamaged and her corpse is wearing shoes and cap.

According to the sources, at that time it was customary to leave vital organs of departed family member to relatives or a religious institutions.

It would help to explain that why Louise de Quego kept the heart of her husband with her, even in the coffin.

The scientists also found four other coffins in the same locale, 800 graves were also found there but there only skeletons in them.

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