4 Scientific Signs You Are A Confirm Entrepreneur

4 Scientific Signs You Are A Confirm Entrepreneur| PakistanTribe.com

4 Scientific Signs You Are A Confirm Entrepreneur| PakistanTribe.com

Do you know that there are certain qualities that are necessary for you to become an entrepreneur?? You would find many kids and teens who have their future plans to start their own business but a few among them really choose to be an entrepreneur.

How can one tell that he or she have the qualities that make him or her an entrepreneur, that his or her qualities can make his ambitions to survive the switch to adulthood.

To find the clue, researchers at Tufts and Stanford universities employed three years observing more than 5,000 college-age students to identify the traits and behaviors of ambitious entrepreneurs.

They have recently published their findings from the Young Entrepreneurs Study (the YES Project) in The Wall Street Journal. As per the findings, there are four main indicators that you can be an entrepreneur:

  • You Own a High Level of Self Control.

Self-control determines the other qualities like motivation and initiative. According to the study, those who tend to be the self-starters are more likely to become entrepreneurs than those who do not.

An important component of self-control is determination. It implies that one should be persistent in the face of failure.

  • You Have People’s Support In Your Goals.

If your parents support your business goals then you are more likely to be an entrepreneur than those whose parents do not approve of the idea. Not only parents, but also if friends, other family members are your mentor then this would help you in following your entrepreneurial ambitions.

  • You Are Creative.

Majority of the aspiring entrepreneurs are innovative thinkers. According to the researchers, these thinkers find different and novel solutions to their problems and go against the flow.

  • You Take Interest In Business.

Even if you are not majoring in business, you are seeking to develop business skills as a student. If you are doing this then you are surely an entrepreneur. You must have the financial awareness. You should be updated regarding investment opportunities.

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