A Multinational Firm To Pay Ransom In Bit Coins To Hackers

A Multinational Firm To Pay Ransom To Hackers| PakistanTribe.com

A Multinational Firm To Pay Ransom To Hackers| PakistanTribe.com

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA- A multinational, which is based in the city of Australia, Brisbane has allegedly paid ransom in bit coins to a few hackers who have attacked the company’s computer system but the hackers have escalated their demands and have demanded more ransom.

According to the police, the company has paid the ransom amounting to thousands of dollars when its computer had been hacked and sensitive information was stolen.

The hackers demanded further, a larger ransom to which the company refused and the hackers in turn threatened with online attacks and targeting a senior employee’s child.

The acting assistant commissioner Brian Hay warned that one should be cautious of posting personal information on social media which can be misused as a leverage by cyber criminals.

“This was a very serious attack on an organization and quite traumatic for the business, the victim and his family,” Hay commented.

“We are strongly urging business to ensure their computer systems are secure and protected from hackers, that they adopt a policy of not paying ransom demands and carefully consider the information posted on social media”, he further added.

He stressed that, “Organizations need to think about putting in place a strategy to counteract or respond to these type of incidents. But the one message that I cannot stress enough is to never comply with extortion demands and report these matters to us immediately.”

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