Now You Can Control Your Mood Swings

Be Happy Angry Birds! Now You Can Control Your Mood Swings|

Be Happy Angry Birds! Now You Can Control Your Mood Swings|

BOSTON – If you get irritated annoyed or feel low twice or thrice in a day you must buy this new gadget that claims to be able to boost your mood at the touch of a button.

Thync headband can change your mood using electrical pulses, combines neuroscience with technology.

Thync headband can produce a calm effect and according to the creator ‘comfortably stimulating nerves on your head and face using low level electrical pulses.Users attach a stick on headband to their forehead and neck, then clip on a Bluetooth control unit.

‘We can calm you down or energise you,’ Isy Goldwasser, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Thync said.

“Using the system, users can decide between anything from five to twenty minute sessions, with each pack of five bands costing $30.We spent 3.5 yrs to get here.The small pulses activate nerves that connect to the brain,” Goldwasser said.

‘It’s rather like a Like a tens device, but at far lower levels – we use 1/10 of the power, and the FDA sees this as a wellness device rather than a health device.

‘Our mission at Thync is to ‘unlimit’ people. Thync brings together innovations in neuroscience and engineering so you can access your own abilities,” he further added.

The immediate effects can last from 30 minutes to an hour, with the carry-over impacts lasting several hours.

The study, conducted on 82 volunteers in the Boston area, revealed that a 14-minute session using Thync’s electrical waveforms resulted in significant stress reduction, with 97 percent of the subjects stating the effects induced greater relaxation than the sham treatment.

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