Baby Crying Festival: Cruel Yet Hilarious

Baby Crying Festival: Cruel Yet Hilarious|

Baby Crying Festival: Cruel Yet Hilarious|

TOKYO – A violent competition takes place every spring between huge sumo wrestlers but this time they aren’t wresting with each other but they are simply scaring the babies.

The competition is a 400 year old Japanese tradition called Nakizumo which means “crying sumo”.

It basically involves two sumo wrestlers which scars babies in order to make them cry. This tradition comes from an old belief which says that babies who cry loud and powerful grow up to be healthy and strong while also the loud cry will  scare the evil spirits away.

At this year’s event, more than 120 babies ‘competed’ at Tokyo’s Sensoii Temple in the historic Asakusa district. The festival is held across Japan, with the rules varying from region to region and in some regions, the baby who cries first is considered the loser.

Event which is held all over the country draws scores a new parents who bring their babies born the year before dressed up in color costumes, caps and hairstyles. The day begins with speeches and an introduction to each baby. Then one by one, the babies are handed over to the two wrestlers, who stand across a wrestling ring facing each other.

Baby Crying Festival: Cruel Yet Hilarious|

The goal is to traumatize the opponent’s baby until the poor child screams his or her head off. The first to cry wins. If both start crying at the same time, then the one who’s the loudest is judged the winner. The wrestlers are even allowed to wear scary masks if they fail to make the babies cry.

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