82 Years Old Sikh Gets Beaten Up For Looking Like A Muslim

82 Years Old Sikh Gets Beaten Up For Looking Like A Muslim| PakistanTribe.com

82 Years Old Sikh Gets Beaten Up For Looking Like A Muslim| PakistanTribe.comCALIFORNIA – 82 years old Sikh was viciously beaten up by a California man with a steel pipe for looking like Muslims.

Piara Singh, an old man, was attacked outside his gurdwara in Fresno, California, when he was preparing meals to give to the homeless.

His lungs and head were badly damaged and he was left bleeding in front of gurdawara.

This catastrophe occurred two years back, and now the old man’s physical wounds are healed.

But members of Sikh community say that they are still waiting for closure in the case due to third delay in sentencing.

The attacker, named Gilbert Garcia Jr, who was 29 years old at the time of 2013 incident, was initially charged with attempt murder but admitted elder abuse and hate crime in February of this year.

Community advocate Ike Grewal told local newspaper that the attack was all the more troubling because it is believed the attacker confused Singh for a ‘radical’ Muslim.

“Sikhs have been attacked all over the United States after 9/11 and this is not acceptable because we have been mistaken as radicals when we are not,” Grewal said.

Singh’s nephew, Charanjit Sihota said that police told him that they found Garcia hiding behind a tree in a neighbour’s garden.

And that, as he was under arrest he shouted that he hated “those people” and wanted to bomb their places of worship.

Legal professional Tony Capozzi said that this can still be classified as hate crime.

“His hatred was the focus, the driving force, towards that belief”.

“And the fact that the victim wasn’t of the religion he thought it was is of no consequence.”

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