India Finds A Strange Way To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality: Corrective Rape

India Finds A Strange Way To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality|

India Finds A Strange Way To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality|

TELANGANA, INDIA-An absurd trend is unfurling in India in the name of rectifying or curing homosexuality which has left even the Indians astonished.

It has been revealed that the boys and girls are being forced into sex to rectify or align their sex orientation and make them to conform to the gender stereotypes. This practice has been named as “corrective rape” and is becoming common in India.

According to the report published in the Indian newspaper, The Times of India, majority of the cases are perpetrated by the family members. This is the reason these cases are rarely reported as the victims hesitate to seek help.

The sources unveil a case in which a teenager was forced to have sex with his own mother and this was considered as a disciplining project to cure the teen.

Mostly, in ‘corrective rape’, the rapist is of family’s choice and is usually a cousin. This trend is being filmed by an Indian Film maker, Deepthi Tadanki who is currently doing a research on the issue.

Her film, Satyavati, tells a girl’s story who get raped by her uncle when her parents become doubtful regarding her sex orientation and her relationship with her lesbian housemates.

According to Tadanki, “Many rapes go unreported in India and it will take years before something like corrective rape even gets talked about. That’s why I wanted to tell this story. I knew it is a sensitive subject, something that has never been dealt with before”.

“I didn’t even have any statistics, but I had the conviction”, she added. She stressed the fact that this issue needs to be addressed and talked about.

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