A TV Network Punished For Giving Anti-Atheist Remarks In Brazil

A TV Network Punished For Giving Anti-Atheist Remarks In Brazil| PakistanTribe.com

A TV Network Punished For Giving Anti-Atheist Remarks In Brazil| PakistanTribe.com

BRAZIL- A Brazilian Television Network has been punished for giving negative remarks on atheism in one of its live shows.

The Rede Bandeirantes networks has been penalized for broadcasting a programme in 2011, Urgent Brazil, in which its presenter Mr. Datena remarked on a shooting of a young man that it demonstrated ‘absence of God’.

He said further that, “A guy that’s atheist, in my humble opinion, has no limits, and that’s why we see these crimes happening”. He repeated the same views like atheists are more prospective of committing crimes throughout his programme. He also ran a poll regarding how many people viewing the show believed in God.

Immediate action was taken by the Federal Prosecutors against the network over the remarks given by the presenter. The foundation laid beneath the action was the provision of the Brazil’s constitution, which pledges religious freedom and it outlaws any speech that propounds religious intolerance. Beaming any such speech can cause the person a fine or a prison sentence.

The punishment is about broadcasting a video which promulgates religious freedom for 72 times. The channel has agreed to do so and thus the video will be telecasted on the screen till November.

The response from the public on this action differs from group to group. Several individuals comment that religion itself has caused war and suffering so atheism cannot be blamed on this premise.

While the others assert that the programme facilitates people with a platform to give their opinions and also sympathize with Mr. Datena and aver that, “Datena is a human being just like any of us. The programme is live and therefore he went too far.”

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