Virtual Reality: The Dawn Is About to Break

Virtual Reality: The Dawn Is About to Break|

Virtual Reality: The Dawn Is About to Break|

LONDON- You would be familiar with this concept which is seen in the science fiction only. Or you may have seen the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology in 3D games. But imagine you get an opportunity to live in a different world as per your discretion for a few minutes or hours.

There is no more appealing idea than that of an opportunity to live in your fantasy world for some time.

According to him, the final form of the Virtual Reality would be like this, “There will be people crying in this, people falling in love, people falling over. For all sorts of reasons, this strikes at the core of being a human being. It’s so compelling … this is as big an opportunity as the internet.”

This idea is being discussed in the Silicon Valley by the Dr. Jonathon Waldern who is the pioneer of VR and introduced it 20 years ago but the idea failed to become famous. Now he is back with more enthusiasm and he is not alone now, Microsoft, Google and Face book are also in the game.

The of Virtual Reality (VR) technology comprise of the immersive systems which cover your eyes and ears and your brain is made to think that you are at some other place and even someone else.

It is pertinent to mention here that VR has other uses also including training people and giving them a new perspective. If Waldren’s concept actualizes, it would help you in selecting a place for recreation. It would enable you to visit different places via headset.

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