Students Suspended On The Charge Of Spreading Hatred Towards Modi

Students Suspended On The Charge Of Spreading Hatred Towards Modi|

Students Suspended On The Charge Of Spreading Hatred Towards Modi|

NEW DELHI- A left wing group of students of India’s most prestigious engineering university, located in the southern city of Chennai, has been suspended on the basis that the group has been spreading hatred towards Modi.

The group was notified through email by the dean of the university, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, that it has been dissolved by the University for misusing the privileges that are enjoyed by an independent student organization. It has publicized its activities under the name of university without official permission.

This decision ensued a back lash from traditional as well as social media. Responding to this back lash, the acting director of the university, K. Ramamurthy told the media that students were only being suspended.

The act which provided the baseline for the decision was a letter from the students of the university addressed to the central government claiming that the group, Ambedkar-Periyar study circle, has attempted to instigate hatred towards Mr. Modi and Hindus.

The leader of the group, Akhil Bharanthan, said that “right wing forces” are behind this decision. “They feel that with their government at the center, they can drown voices like ours,” he added.

The group actually organized an event in April to criticize the new policies introduced by government which circulated around the law that would make it easy to procure land for development and a controversial beef ban in Maharashtra.

The group wrote in a pamphlet that Modi administration is “assisting the international corporates to loot Mother India.”

The students who opposed to the group wrote a letter addressed to Ministry of Human Resource Development. The letter stated that “We believe the group is politically motivated and getting funds and encouragement from some outside organization.”

The Ministry in turn wrote a letter to the university director and termed the students’ allegations as ‘serious complaints’. Though the Ministry clarified by issuing a statement that the action of dissolving the group and suspending the students was the decision of University alone.

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